Bruce Wayne's Warehouse
Wayne Warehouse
General Information
First Appearance: The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Rises
Locale: Gotham City

Bruce Wayne's Warehouse was the replacement for the Batcave during The Dark Knight and the latter half of The Dark Knight Rises, following the destruction of  Wayne Manor at the hands of the League of Shadows, located in a secret bunker underneath a cargo container by the docks owned by Wayne Enterprises.

History Edit

The Dark Knight Edit

Since Wayne Manor was destroyed by the League of Shadows, Bruce Wayne used his penthouse as his home while the warehouse served as his base of operations as Batman. It was hidden at the Wayne Enterprises docks and stored multiple equipment, including the Batcomputer, Batsuit and Tumbler during his conflict with the Joker.

The Dark Knight Rises Edit

After Catwoman helped Bruce break Lucius Fox out of Bane's captivity, Fox and Bruce traveled to the warehouse to gather his Batman equipment including the Batsuit and other tools.