Carl Finch
Carl Finch
Name Carl Finch
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Alignment Good
Depicted By Larry Holden
Appeared In Batman Begins
Carl Finch was the District Attorney of Gotham City before Harvey Dent was elected, who dedicated his career to eliminating crime in the city and made himself an enemy to crime boss Carmine Falcone.

Biography Edit

Carl Finch was first seen when he and Joe Chill's lawyer tried to convince Judge Juez Faden in giving Chill early parole as he had spent fourteen years in prison already and had apparently learned from his mistake of killing Thomas and Martha Wayne. Faden agreed, but insisted on making the hearing public secretly because, as a close friend of the mafia boss who shared a cell with Chill, Carmine Falcone, he was paid off by Falcone himself to get Chill out into the open to be killed before he could be the used by the Gotham justice system against the Falcone Crime Family.

Over the next seven years, Gotham became under most of Falcone's control, and due to how powerful he was, Finch and his assistant DA Rachel Dawes were almost able to prosecute most his thugs in his crime family. Some of them, though, were declared mentally unfit for a prison sentence by Dr. Jonathan Crane, the corrupt head psychiatrist of Arkham Asylum, and transferred to the asylum itself, instead of County General. Following the hearing of Falcone assassin Victor Zsasz, Rachel approached Crane about how he was corrupt to such extent to transfer Zsasz to Arkham, prompting the psycho-pharmacologist to turn to Finch and suggest that he should check with his assistant about what accusations the DA office has authorized her to make. Finch and Rachel conversed about him caring for her personally, but Rachel cut him off by telling him they were going to stick as friends and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. All of the conversation happened while Bruce Wayne watched from afar in a run down disguise.

After Bruce became Batman and saved Rachel, his childhood friend, from getting assassinated by Falcone's men at the train station, Rachel obtained proof from Batman to get Falcone into prison, and leverage against Judge Faden to give a trial. Finch was seen again officially stating the hunt on Falcone was started for them, and went with two SWAT escorts to the Gotham Docks, where there was suspected to be an extra compartment than what the records sheet was saying. Inside the crate, the DA found a stolen microwave emitter with the Wayne Enterprises logo imprinted on the side. Knowing that he was finding out too much about their operation, the two SWAT men, who were later revealed to be members of the League of Shadows, took out their rifles and shot Finch multiple times, killing him. Rachel mentioned to Bruce on the latter's birthday that Finch was "missing" for three days, and everyone in Gotham were shocked when the DA's body was discovered at the docks sometime after the Outbreak of Arkham Asylum.