Mr. Gambol
Name Gambol
Other Aliases Mr. Gambol
Alignment Bad
Depicted By Michael Jai White
Appeared In The Dark Knight
"I'm putting the word out. Five hundred grand for this clown dead; a million alive, so I can teach him some manners first."

Gambol was Gotham City's African-American mafia boss.


Gambol's gang was at a turf-war with the Italian mob, led by Sal Maroni, and the Russian mob, led by The Chechen. Since the arrival of Batman, Gambol had made a truce with Maroni and the Chechen and formed an Alliance with the other crime organizations as Batman had become a threat.

He acquired an immediate hatred of the Joker, who arrived unannounced to a business meeting between the mob and repeatedly insulted him. Gambol was also displeased with the fact that the Joker stole money from the mob's bank. The Joker also managed to kill one of Gambol's guards by slamming his head into a pencil, calling it a "magic trick".

Gambol's empire toppledEdit

After placing a bounty on him, Gambol was tricked by a trio of bounty hunters who made it seem like they brought him the Joker dead. The Joker revealed himself alive after stabbing two of Gambol's men with knives, pressed a knife in Gambol's mouth, and told him an ambiguous story of how he got his scars, before killing him with the knife.

Gambol's empire was destroyed for good after the Joker made his last surviving men fight to the death with half of a broken pool stick.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Gambol is played by Michael Jai White, who was best known for playing superhero Spawn. Both Spawn and Gambol share a mutual hatred for clowns (Joker, Clown/Violator).
  • Some claim that Gambol survived his attack by The Joker and can be briefly seen later in the film being arrested during a GCPD on his neighbourhood. This claim is disputed by many though as it would render the narrative purpose of The Joker's visit to Gambol's headquarters useless (if Gambol had lived it would be unlikely that the other mob bosses would have hired the Joker after this one told them what the Joker made him, although he could have decided to not speak about this in fear of being killed). Even the movie screenplay never states that Gambol was killed.[1] The recently released behind-the-scenes book of the trilogy, however, confirms that Gambol was indeed murdered by The Joker.

Notes and referencesEdit