Gerard Stephens
Gerard Stephens
Name Gerard Stephens
Other Aliases Detective Stephens
Alignment Good
Depicted By Keith Szarabajka
Appeared In The Dark Knight
Gerard Stephens was a police detective in the Major Crimes Unit and former supporter of Batman.

Biography Edit

Stephens attended Commissioner Loeb's service and gently informed Barbara Gordon of her husband Lt. Jim Gordon's "death". After Gordon's death he took over MCU and attempted to maintain contact with Batman, but gave up when Batman didn't respond to the Bat-signal. He was present when the Joker was apprehended and when the Batman interrogated him (the Joker) on where to find Harvey Dent, who was captured by the mob. He kept guard over the Joker as Gordon and Batman attempted to save Dent and Rachel Dawes, but eventually attacks the clown after he taunts him of the friends of Stephens that he killed while implying that they died as cowards. Stephens lost, and the Joker picked up a shard of the smashed two-way mirror (that Batman smashed him into) in the room and took him hostage with a shard of glass to his neck. Demanding a phone call, the Joker calmed the panicking crowd as he detonates a nearby bomb.

Gerard was released safely by the Joker after the explosion but was rendered unconscious. Gerard would have his neck bandaged for the Joker's glass inflicted cut. Along with the now-Commissioner Gordon, , he watched the news covering the Joker's threat of blowing up hospitals. Gerard also stood by Gordon as he smashed the Batsignal with an axe.