File:Placeholder person.jpg
Name Hamlin
Other Aliases Detective Hamlin
Alignment Bad
Depicted By N/A
Appeared In The Dark Knight
Hamlin was a corrupt private investigator hired by Sal Maroni to investigate the identity and whereabouts of the Joker.

Biography Edit

The Dark Knight Edit

Not much was known about Hamlin except he supposedly had a strong bond with mob boss Sal Maroni as a child and that he was fired from his job as a cop in the Gotham City Police Department for taking bribes. When approached by Maroni soon after the summit where the Joker made himself known to Gotham's criminal underworld, he was requested to find out who the Joker was and where he lived. Three weeks passed, however, and Hamlin was unable to gather any leads on anything about the anarchy-seeking clown, so he returned to Maroni at a high-end restaurant completely disheveled and mentally exhausted, asking if the Joker even existed. But because of whatever he was drinking when he came in, the detective began laughing hysterically and uncontrolably that soon collapsed dead on the restaurant floor. Maroni had an autopsy conducted on Hamlin's body, through which his own personal doctor found traces of an herb originating from somewhere in Asia.

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