Karen Keeny
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Name Karen Keeny
Other Aliases Karen Jarvis
Alignment Good
Depicted By N/A
Appeared In Unknown
Karen Keeny was the mother of Jonathan Crane, who left her son in the care of her mother due to him being considered an illigament child

Biography Edit

Karen Keeny was born the youngest daughter in a long line of religous gentries in Arlen, Georgia, and grew up under her strict mother and grandmother, leaving her with a somewhat rebellious childhood. She eventually had a short relationship during early adulthood with Gerald Crane, and during it, gave birth to their illegilemet son Jonathan. Since they weren't married at the time, Gerald left to resume his construction working career in Gotham City and Jonathan was left in the care of his grandmother when Karen moved to the nearby town of Latham and married businessman Charlie Darwin. It was unknown if she learned about Jonathan's misdeeds in Gotham.