Marion Keeny
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Name Marion Keeny
Other Aliases Granny Keeny
Alignment Neutral
Depicted By N/A
Appeared In Batman Begins (mentioned only)
Marion Keeny was a religious fanatic who became the grandmother of Jonathan Crane, raising him as her own and subjecting him to tormenting rituals.

Biography Edit

As a religious woman from a gentry family in Georgia, Marion Keeny was asked by her daughter Karen to take care of her illegitimate son Jonathan Crane after the child's father Gerald left them and she moved to a nearby town. Despite agreeing to the offer, Marion had less than pure intentions for the boy, and exposed him to severe emotional and physical torment and torture from, the worst of it being locking him up in the family's atrium dressed in a suit contaminated with a homemade chemical designed to enrage the crows nesting nearby and force them to attack the source. Not only did this cause Jonathan to develop a fear of crows, but also gave him a thin and lanky frame and spindly legs. By the time he was college age, Jonathan ensured that she would no longer inflict his abuse on him by running away to Gotham City on a bus to attend college their. He would return while on vacation from working at Arkham Asylum, killing her when she tried attacking him in the Keeny mansion by turning the fear he had was turned against and burying her body in her own garden with a blanket around her.