Phillip Stryver
Phillip Stryver
Name Phillip Stryver
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Alignment Bad
Depicted By Burn Gorman
Appeared In The Dark Knight Rises
Phillip Stryver was the Executive Vice President of Daggett Enterprises, who served as John Daggett's assistant during Bane's reign of pain.

Biography Edit

Phillip Stryver worked as John Daggett's assistant when the latter brought Bane to Gotham City to assist in Daggett Enterprises' takeover of Wayne Enterprises. Stryver, on the other hand, gave them a hand by retrieving Bruce Wayne's fingerprints from Selina Kyle. But when he double-crossed her by denying her access to the clean slate computer that could erase her criminal record, Selina used a phone stolen from a congressman she abducted, Byron Gilly, to alert the police of their location. Horrified, Stryver had his men exchange fire on the police while he escaped and Selina fled.

Later, when the day came to use the fingerprints, Bane staged a raid on the Gotham Stock Exchange to place orders that bankrupted Wayne Enterprises just as the police arrived. Stryver watched with Daggett as Batman arrived and unintentionally led the the police off of Bane's tail, then received a call from the mercenary saying that even though the vigilante intervened, the task was accomplished and left Wayne Enterprises open for Daggett Enterprises to absorb. However, Miranda Tate took control of the rival company instead, and Stryver couldn't predict any answers of how she did it unlike Bane, who told him to give Daggett and the militant some privacy to talk the problem over. While waiting outside, he heard Daggett in agony as Bane killed him but didn't bother doing anything to help.

After Bane revealed Harvey Dent's crimes to Gotham and released all of the prisoners of Blackgate Prison, he and the criminals took over the city. Stryver was among many of the were brought to a kangaroo court being judged by Jonathan Crane and found guilty. Crane gave Stryver two choices: death or exile. Stryver chose to be exiled, but for it he was forced to cross the frozen channels in between Gotham and its surrounding cities. While Stryver was crossing the ice, the ice cracked under him and he was left to drown in the freezing water.