General Information
Official name: Puccio's Nighttime Eatery
Created by: Christopher Nolan
First Appearance: Batman Begins
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sol
Planet: Earth
Country: United States of America
State: Gotham
Locale: Gotham City

Puccio's was a high-end eating establishment located in Gotham City.

History Edit

Batman Begins Edit

Bruce Wayne was invited to join William Earle at Puccio's for dinner, arriving in his Lamborghini Murcielago with two beautiful young women, Kiki and Soozey. After the two women entered an inside pool, Bruce was approached by a maitre'd who told him that they could not go in it. However, Bruce informed the waiter that he was going to make some changes, and signed a check for ownership of the restaurant on the spot. He then joined Kiki and Soozy in the pool.

On their way back to the Lamborghini, the three passed Rachel Dawes, who arrived for a casual blind date. When Bruce tried to convince Rachel that he wasn't who he seemed to be with his behavior. Rachel noted that one isn't only who they are on the inside, but also how they act.

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