Sandra Flanders
File:Placeholder person.jpg
Name Sandra Flanders
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Alignment Good
Depicted By N/A
Appeared In Batman Begins
Sandra Flanders is the chief researcher of Gotham University, who once had a helping history with Bruce Wayne as a grad student.

Biography Edit

Throughout her time at Gotham University, Sandra Flanders wanted nothing more from life than to be a research librarian. Going to school with a freshman Bruce Wayne when she was still a grad student she pointed him in a fruitful direction, and after getting hired as the university's chief researcher, helped Bruce with looking up mysterious subjects until his departure from Gotham City.

Batman Begins Edit

When Bruce returned, he stopped at the university library to have Flanders help him research the exact nature of the League of Shadows and their leader Ra's al Ghul. Flanders agreed, only because she loved challenges.

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