The Joker's Father
File:Placeholder person.jpg
Name The Joker's Father
Other Aliases Drinker


Alignment Bad
Depicted By N/A
Appeared In The Dark Knight (mentioned only)
The Joker's Father was an extremely abusive alcoholic lunatic and, as the name suggests, the father of the Joker.

Biography Edit

The Joker's father was always described as a drinker and fiend, who always sadistically hired clown babysitter for his son, giving the boy a crippling fear of clowns, and used his wife as a punching bag. One night, while going off "crazier than usual" and angrily plucked a knife that his wife tried to defend herself with from her fingers. With the Joker himself watched from a distance, his father punished the mother for her disrespect by stabbing her multiple times as he laughing maniacally, then turned the blade on the boy, repeating "Why so serious?" as he sliced two gashes of scars resembling a Glasgow smile into the Joker's cheeks to give him a humorous view of the atrocity before him. It is unknown what happened to the Joker's father afterwards, but it could be possible that he was either thrown into Arkham Asylum or gunned down by the Gotham City Police Department once the household violence became known, leaving the Joker to grow up as an orphan being humiliated and frightened by his friends and family due to the mental nature of the scars, which began to fade over time. He still, however, took his frustration and anger on his father for making him such an outcast, as shown while threatening an older man at the party held for Harvey Dent at Bruce Wayne's penthouse who reminded the Joker of the drunk maniac.

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